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Chamber Calibration Services

Find out more about our calibration services performed in the USA and internationally.

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Certifications for Calibration

View our scope of work and our A2LA Certificate as an Accredited Calibration Laboratory.

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Installation & Maintenance

Installation, start-up and maintenance services for all different types of Corrosion Chambers.

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Equipment Services Group LLC
3269 Hilton Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220

Slogan / Motto
Repeatable Precision Is Our Business!


Equipment Services Group LLC, located in Ferndale, Michigan, is a nationally-known calibration service company to laboratories and commercial and manufacturing industries that must test or maintain their products to specified environmental conditions. Among the items calibrated are corrosion cabinets, ovens, thermal cycle chambers and other equipment that require regulated environments such as temperature, humidity, altitude and corrosive atmospheres. In addition to being a calibration company, ESG provides service and maintenance to this equipment--including the service and maintenance of vibration test equipment manufactured by Unholtz-Dickie, Ling Dynamic Systems and more.

Mission Statement

Equipment Services Group LLC will inspect, install, calibrate and maintain our customers’ equipment to close tolerance for reliable results our clients trust for accurate reporting. We maintain our own servicing equipment to national standards. Our operations and procedures are independently reviewed yearly by a third-party, internationally-recognized accreditation body within the United States. Equipment Services Group LLC stands for QUALITY. We are focused on maintaining accuracy and strive to support the success of our customers. ESG understands and appreciates the many challenges our clients face concerning accuracy, complexity and deadline. We will support our clients and their deadlines to the best of our ability. We continue to make improvements in our services, equipment and processes to give our best to ever-changing international standards placed on our users. Our clients can call our experts for equipment issues and have 24-hour access to a web-portal to view their calibration and service equipment logs. Our commitment is to do our best to ensure proper calibration and excellent service!

I have known Equipment Services Group for over eight years. They are a superior company to work with. I know that they do an excellent job in performing calibration and if there is any issues for test setup or evaluating the uncertainty in a test program they are right there to calculate the system’s significant

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