Corrosion Cabinet Services

Equipment Services Group LLC is an expert with 30 years of experience, including: installation, set-up, start-up, maintenance and calibration of all cabinet brands listed below in Salt Spray, Cyclic Corrosion and Salt Fog.

Brands we service:
1. Auto Technology *
2. Ascott *
3. Associated Environment Systems
4. Aster
5. Erichsen
6. Liebisch
7. Q-Lab
8. Seta Stanhope-Seta
9. Singleton
10. VLM Corrosion Test Chamber
11. Weiss Gallenkamp
12. Weiss Technik

* Equipment Services Group LLC is a factory-authorized service center for these manufacturers.

We perform calibration, installation/set-up and repairs on all equipment listed.

Equipment Services Group LLC can also provide training with the installation/set-up to help you maintain your equipment and ensure optimal operational balance of the corrosion cabinet from day to day.

Every corrosion cabinet should have annual service maintenance that includes the replacement of hoses, seals, heater, blubbers and possibly the atomizer.  This is important in keeping your corrosion cabinet working to the required standards (ASTM and other accelerated aging requirements). So place ESG on your schedule to calibrate and maintain your corrosion cabinet. Our technicians are experts in inspecting your equipment to minimize or even eliminating possible downtime. This downtime can really push back your deadlines for completing critical testing schedules if you have to order replacement parts, install and re-balance the cabinet after an issue shows up.

If you have a corrosion cabinet that must be configured to perform to the following standards or need to have your staff trained in these standards then call the an expert today:

• ASTM B117 Salt Fog
• ASTM D1654 Procedure: Corrosion Resistance
• ASTM D3359 Test Method: Coating Adhesive
• MIL-STD 810
• MIL-STD 202G
• MIL-STD 883
• MIL-STD 1344A
• RTCA DO-160
• IEC 68 Part 2
• SAE J1455
• SAE J2334
• SAE J 1211

In addition ISO, DIN, JASO, CETP, VDA and other standards.

If you have any questions about your equipment or technical needs then click here to contact an expert.