Vibration Shaker Maintenance

Equipment Services Group provides superior services on a wide array of electromechanical vibration shakers. These services include maintenance, service repairs and replacement of analog amplifiers to digital amplifiers. We offer our services on the following electromechanical vibration shaker brands: Unholtz-Dickie, Ling Dynamic Systems, MB, Ling Electronics, and Thermotron. We will service systems from 2 to 40,000+ force pounds capacity.

As part of our maintenance service we will inspect the suspension parts, air-switches, blowers, amplifier components and transistors, slip tables, bearings and more. Below is a comprehensive list of items that will be evaluated when performing a full maintenance inspection or repair:

1. Armature (bolts, cracks, bearings)
2. Field Coils
3. Cabling and Wiring
4. Inner and outer wound coils (stators) and will repair and re-wind.
5. Armature Inserts.
6. Combo-base oil pump
7. Slip plate flatness if necessary
8. Bull-nose/slip plate drive-bar adapters
9. Fuses, transistors and pre-amp
10. Field Power Supply
11. Amplifier and shaker cooling system (including cooling fans) *
12. Hoses
13. Performance
14. Accels and their wires

* we do not perform maintenance or service on water cooling towers.

If your company is still using Analog Amplifiers to drive your vibration shaker(s) then you are spending a lot of money for electricity which does not contribute to a “green” facility. This is especially true for organizations that are running long test plans and consistently have their amps operational. If your organization has analog (Class-A) amplifiers then you are a candidate to convert to a digital system. Equipment Services Group can help guide you in producing a general energy savings per year for your plant with a quote to convert your system to a low-noise digital switching amp.

Converting to a high-efficiency digital amp will save on air conditioning and energy. A digital amplifier has a small footprint with very low distortion and a much higher reliability. We can provide system conversion with direct replacement amplifiers that will match your shaker. We also provide on-site integration and start-up.

Please email us your shaker’s brand and model number to get things going.