Services Provided

Equipment Services Group, LLC services Ovens, Coolers, and Environmental Test Chambers. These services include: temperature, humidity and altitude (pressure).

Equipment Service Group, LLC provides calibration services for most temperature and humidity instruments and chambers. The calibration provided by Equipment Services Group is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Equipment Services Group is also accredited to the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Certification. To view our accreditation and scope of work click here.

Customers who have work performed by Equipment Service Group receive 24×7 access to their calibration certificates, invoices and work performed via our web-based portal. Your portal not only provides copies of your calibration certificates but also current asset status, asset history and due date reports for your equipment.

Equipment Services Group operates within a strict set of policies and procedures guided by ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025:2005 procedures for calibration services. Our calibration laboratory is also assessed by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements for the competence of our services. Equipment Services Group is in excellent standing with A2LA.

Our range of measurement for temperature, humidity and pressure is listed below:

Temperature: -196 to 1200 ÂșC
Humidity: 10 to 95% RH
Pressure: 0 to 200 psig

With these measurement capabilities we can measure and simulate to the conditioning controller with the following type of chambers or systems:
1. Liquid Nitrogen Feed Chambers
2. Liquid Methanol Baths
3. Triple Point of Water Cells
4. Oil Baths
5. Liquid Salt Baths
6. Electric Furnace
7. Freezers
8. Temperature Chambers
9. Two-Pressure Humidity Generator
10. Altitude Chambers
11. Thermohygrometers
12. Hygrometers
13. Brazing Ovens
14. Plating Ovens

The OEM brand systems we calibrate:
1. Thermotron
2. Environtronic
3. Cincinnati Sub Zero (CSZ)
4. Russels
5. BlueM
6. Weiss
7. MadgeTech
8. We also calibrate custom-built chambers. (Ask our experts about custom chambers)

We can simulate temperature, humidity and pressure to the following devices:
1. Conditioning Controllers
2. Chart Recorders
3. Data Acquisition Monitoring Devices. Below is a short list of monitoring equipment:
A. National Instruments
B. Omega
C. Agilent
D. Fisher Scientific
E. Fluke
F. GE Sensing
G. Therm-X
H. Oakton Instruments
I. Extech
If you have a data acquisition system not listed or a custom-manufactured system ask an expert

Equipment Services Group provides seven (7) business days as a standard turnaround for temperature and humidity calibration services. This service includes adjustments, if required. This is exceptional performance for the industry. If you require expedited services, call 248-227-5310 to schedule right away.